09 Jun 2024

JDK 23: The new features in Java 23

Java 23, due in September, will include previews of module import declarations, stream gatherers, structured concurrency, and scoped values.

27 May 2024

Angular 18 Features

What is New in Angular 18? A Detailed Look at the New Features introduced in Angular 18.

14 May 2024

Python Program to Convert Integer Into Decimals

When working with numbers in Python, it’s often necessary to convert integers to decimal format, also known as floating-point numbers.

25 Mar 2024

Unnamed Variables & Patterns in Java 22 with practical example

The release of Java 22 SE introduces an exciting feature: Unnamed Variables and Patterns (JEP 456). Unnamed variables and unnamed patterns, which can be used when variable declarations or nested patte...

14 May 2024

Mastering Method References in Java 8 : A Comprehensive Guide

Java 8 introduced several powerful features to the language, including lambda expressions and the Stream API, which significantly enhanced the way developers write code. Among these features, method r...

14 May 2024

Exploring Interface Default and Static Methods in Java 8

Java 8 introduced several new features and enhancements to the language, one of the most significant being the addition of default and static methods in interfaces. These features were introduced prim...

11 Feb 2024

Snipping Tool and Notepad Updates Roll Out to Windows Insiders

The Snipping Tool and Notepad updates beginning to roll out to Windows Insiders indicate Microsoft's ongoing efforts to enhance these essential features within the Windows operating system. These upda...

14 Feb 2024

Exploring the Features and Components of Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud is a comprehensive framework designed to simplify the development of distributed systems and microservices-based applications. It provides a suite of tools and libraries that enable devel...

15 May 2024

Solving the Nginx - 413 Request Entity Too Large Error

The "413 Request Entity Too Large" error in Nginx occurs when the client sends a request with a body (e.g., POST, PUT, or PATCH) that exceeds the maximum size limit configured in the server. This erro...